Note- The REINVESTORFORUM does not buy houses

We Buy Houses

Are you a wholesaler?  If so, then we’ve probably seen your bandit signs, right?  They’re all around the city, with that glorious “We Buy Houses” text.  Or maybe your operation is slightly more sophisticated, and you’re getting leads from direct mail, your network, or maybe even the web.

But once you get a contract, how do you flip it? You’re probably attending the local REIA meetings, and maybe there is a facebook group for sharing listings in your area.  But is that enough?  You’ve got a short window in which to sell that contract, so you’ve got to act fast and find that cash buyer before time expires.

Find Buyers Fast

If you want to get that contract sold, and to get paid, you’ve got to connect with a buyer who can move quickly.

You may already have a buyers list, but what if none of them are ready to move when you are.  And how do you keep that list fresh as attrition takes hold.

Are you reaching a wide enough audience of buyers?  Sometimes you need to go out further than the local market, can you do that easily?  Without getting lost in the tons of other listings that are out there?

Maybe it’s time you start to leverage the Real Estate Investor Forum.  We offer several tools that can help you build your buyers list and get contracts flipped quickly.

Our site and social media accounts are visited by hundreds of real estate investors daily.  Get your listing in front of them, quickly, when you have a contract in hand.

Web Posts, facebook shares, instagram, and email lists are just some of the tools we have at our disposal.  Next time you’re ready to market your listing, get us a shout.  We’ll help you flip that contract fast.

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