People today, from millennials to baby boomers, are desperately seeking to find easy and inexpensive ways to organize their busy lives. Time has become a valuable commodity and the absence of precious time has prevented individuals everywhere from being their most productive.

As an example, e-calendars and contacts are now critical to anyone trying to keep their busy lives on schedule.  For that reason, the founders of 4anyplace developed an easy-to-use, cloud-based smartphone app (available on both iPhone/Android systems) that will organize all items owned by a person or family.  In return, the app users will find themselves gaining more free time that in this day and age is hard to come by.  This previously missing layer of organization has cost people time and money in today’s world, but no longer!

Home owners and renters have informed us that it is important for them to easily gather information or content data on their purchases. People of all ages are buying everything from computers, mobile devices or household appliances. Even major fixed-asset purchases from home heating systems, to smaller items as mundane as paint for a home or apartment, have become necessary to catalog.  These purchases require the ability to maintain, in real time, property insurance or warranty information on product purchases so that they can be tracked for inevitable replacements further down the road.  Unfortunately, most of society is still using the extremely out-dated technology of collecting sales receipts in a proverbial shoebox.

Moving toward 21st century technology, our smartphone app, 4anyplace, has already gained traction in the marketplace and proudly maintains thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This user-friendly app stores and categorizes one’s assets in addition to capturing photos, serial numbers, warranty information and all other essential data that both manufacturers and insurance companies would welcome their clients to try, while adding the key value of saving time and money.

App Description:

The free 4anyplace app, available for both iPhones and Androids, allows a user to easily and efficiently manage all household possessions and home improvement purchases. 4anyplace makes it simple to document and store all products and assets with just a few clicks. Get ready to organize your entire home!

Our app is ideal for homeowners, landlords, renters, contractors, real estate agents, insurance agents and even college students. For example, did you recently purchase new appliances, blinds or light fixtures? Simply scan the barcode with your smartphone to upload product information, or take a picture of the item entering any details of your choosing, such as: price, payment method, purchase location, purchase date, dimensions, color, etc. Provide as much information as you may need to keep track of your item(s), including  scanning receipts, and adding links to important websites with the additional notes section at the bottom of each screen.

You can effortlessly assign items to specific rooms of your choosing within any property owned, rented or managed for quick reference. Own more than one property? 4anyplace provides the ability to add and keep track of multiple properties.

All information entered may be viewed on the condensed summary page. Users are able to email the summary, share the data on social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, and add/or edit any information. With one click, the user can export all of the information to an Excel Document.

See an item you like in a store or in someone else’s home? Use 4anyplace to take a picture of it, scan the barcode, or manually add it to your database by putting it in the convenient “My Shelf” feature. “My Shelf” allows you to save information without assigning the item to a property or room; therefore, you can always quickly recall that item which you may consider purchasing in the future.

Can’t remember what paint color you used in the living room or the brand and wattage of the lightbulbs you need? Do you need to replace broken wine glasses and are unable to remember the specifics? No problem! Simply use the app to access your information stored by property and room. Say goodbye to saving empty boxes and frustrating shopping trips at your local home improvement center. In turn, avoid the clutter by eliminating the unnecessary.

4anyplace App Features: 

  1. Record your voice to add personal notes about an item.
  2. Export information to Excel.
  3. Scan, crop, and save receipts and warranty information. Easily converts to a PDF or picture file.
  4. Select the “tax applied” button for items that will be tax deductible or for items you want to ensure you remember when it is time to file your taxes. You can later sort all tax applied items for that filing year.
  5. Customize the app by adding your exact rooms in your property profile.
  6. Sort all items alphabetically, by date, taxes, or years for easy access.
  7. Add contact information from business cards to any property.
  8. Price check an item you are interested in purchasing.

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  1. I have used this app for a while now and it has been great! Everything is in one place and it is really easy to use. Having rental properties, it is has been especially useful just knowing what light bulbs, paints colors and what I paid for everything. It is always been free which is continues to be a plus.