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    For those of you who own and manage rental property, do you give out your own phone number? Does anybody get a second photo, or try a virtual number?

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    Typo, I meant phone not photo. And I’m referring to the number you give your tenants or use for the listing.

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    If you’ve only got a unit or two, just use your own number. You shouldn’t be getting many calls once rented, so why spend extra for another number?

    Once you get to a certain number of units, and it feels more like a business, then you’ll probably want a separate line.

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    I agree with Stanley. No need for an extra line unless you are gonna have multiple tenants.

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    Chris Pflum

    Barc20- I can’t tell what your concern might be. Are you concerned about giving tenants your number, or is it that you want to manage the calls that come in better?

    On the first point, there’s no need for secrecy. Tenants don’t want to call their landlord any more than you want them to.

    Managing the calls is a legitimate concern, especially when you’re listing a unit. If you use your phone for other business, having separate lines can be useful. But if you’ve only got one or two units, how often is this really going to happen? Once per year maybe?

    I agree with the above, wait until you’ve got more units before you add this complication.

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    Thanks guys for the responses. I’m not concerned about privacy as much as keeping my tenant calls separate from work calls. But I think that is a good point about this really only being an issue when I am listing a unit for rent. I’ll probably get a second phone down the road, but just use one for now.

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    I like your profile pic Barc20! Go Bucks!

    I had a separate phone for my rental properties, but then I realized most of the time it never got used. Unless I had a vacancy, I might get like one call a month on it. It was costing me like $30 per call at that rate, so finally I decided to get rid of it. Hasn’t been an issue since.

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