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    Candace Pflum

    I have a question. When buying a single family investment property- do you consider school districts at all? Would a single family investment sell faster in a desired school district? Or is that only for traditional real estate? Selling an investment property or buying one is generally for the quickest sale with the highest maximum profit you can get, right?

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    Interesting question, but I think it’s a little more complex than that.

    First, single family pricing is generally strongly correlated with school quality. With exceptions.

    Rental profit isn’t correlated or even reverse correlated with housing prices. It’s more like an upside down U, where the highest and lowest price points have the lowest net profit percentage. It’s in the middle price band where single family properties typically perform their best.

    The bottom line, as a rental you should be looking at the ROI first, and schools secondary.

    Flips are the same way.

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    Candace Pflum

    Oh ok, thanks! I think if its in a great school district it would see faster or be worth more. But I agree, doesn’t appear to be the leading factor in choosing a property.

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