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    Has anyone here invested in any international properties?? Other than currency are their any differences? Pros and cons?

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    Good question, and one I’d be interested in hearing more on.

    While I’ve never personally invested in a foreign country, I imagine having a good lawyer is a requirement. I imagine the challenges vary wildly from country to country.

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    I know a lot of people are retiring to Central America, in places like Costa Rica. I’ve never really thought about it, but there’s gotta be opportunities for American investors to serve that market.

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    Yea I’m sure a lawyer would be needed and I would think that there would be some good investment opportunities internationally. I was just kind of curious to see what input is out there about it. Hopefully we get some good info soon 🙂

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    Ed Reynold

    I’m not personally sophisticated enough to buy real estate outside of the US, but I know there are index funds you can buy to do this. Knowing that retirement should have multiple legs, I do fund my IRA’s as much as I do my physical real estate investments. I try to include some emerging market stocks in those IRA’s, with guidance from my broker.

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