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    Bob Melton

    I was just looking at a deal from a wholesaler, and I was curious, how much do they typically make? He wouldn’t tell me, so I thought I’d ask here.

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    Chadster- there is no blanket answer to this question, as it’s like asking how much people make on flips. It depends a lot on the individual and the deal.

    I wouldn’t worry about what the wholesaler is making as much as what price you are paying. Does the deal make sense at that price?

    In your case, I would ask for a copy of the contract you will be entering into before making an offer. The structure of the deal will affect what services you need from a title agency. You need to know who you are actually buying the property from, and any other fees in the deal.

    I see lots of people try wholesaling and not make anything. I know a few people who do wholesaling who are really good at bird dogging, and definitely earn their fee. If they bring me a good deal, I don’t care what their fee is.

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    I’m in agreement with HeatherMc. I would pay much closer attention to the buy price, and make sure the numbers make sense. Is this for a flip or buy and hold?

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    Bob Melton

    I’m definitely focused on my end, was just curious more than anything.

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