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    My apologies in advance if this is too far off topic, but does anybody else try to rack up miles by using a points card for their real estate expenses?

    I currently have a Capital One Venture card, and I use it for everything. I’m trying to rack up miles for my next vacation. I’m wondering if I picked the right card for this.

    Do you do this too? What card do you use?

    Do you know a way to make the mortgage payment with the card too?

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    Chris Pflum

    This is a great topic, and certainly appropriate for the forum. I highly recommend the approach you’re taking to collect an additional return on expenses. I just advise those that follow you to make sure they’re still paying off their card monthly.

    I currently use an American Airlines card for my expenses. Downside is its miles are only good for that airline, but the plus is the range of destinations I can get to on them.

    We’ve also used the Capital One venture card, which gives 1.5 points per dollar spent.

    Which card do you use?

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    Chris- I’m surprised you didn’t say you had a Saphire card. Any reason why?

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    Chris Pflum

    Ha! Yeah, I probably should be using that one instead. It’s probably just six of one half dozen of the other situation.

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    If you get a Lowes card, you can get 5% off every purchase, or six months no interest in bigger purchases.

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    Points and rewards are always great!! Any time you can earn for money you are spending anyway….I say go for it!

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