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    Just read the post for campus rentals, I was wondering how long before the site touched on this topic.

    If you are interested in acquiring a campus property, now is the time to start looking. You want to make sure you have everything in place by January for when the rental season starts up. If you take over in May, and leases haven’t been signed yet for the next school year, you could be hurting come Fall.

    Location is critical too. If the property is too far of a walk to class, you’ll struggle to get students.

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    Good points Stanleyde49. I’ve considered Buy campus housing before, but it never made sense financially on the deals I was looking at.

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    Chris Pflum

    Stan- I think you know I managed several campus properties, and even developed one myself. I agree fully with every point you made.

    I’ve seen a lot of consolidation of the housing market around OSU. I’d like to see more Mom and Pop operations before it becomes all big complexes.

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