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    Bob Melton

    When you’re buying a single family home for a rental, how many bedrooms do you look for? Three? four?

    How many is too few?

    How many is too many?

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    Great question. I’d like to hear thoughts on this as well. My guess would be, more bedrooms would make for a higher valued home. So I would think it would just depend on the area. But that’s just my guess.

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    I’ve seen houses with 5 and 6 bedrooms. I think you’re only going to rent those to really large families, and not an average size. Probably tough to rent.

    At least on the other end, 1 and 2 bedrooms is good for single people and couples with no kids.

    3 or 4 is probably the ideal size.

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    Chadster….sounds like some pretty good logic. Thanks for the input

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    @chadster- I think you’re spot on here, with the added caveat it’s all about the local market.

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