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    Just saw this in my Facebook feed.

    I don’t know if developing an ice cream franchise is an topic appropriate for this site, but I saw people talking about a car was earlier, so I thought I’d share.

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    Chris Pflum

    It’s interesting to see what franchise opportunities pop up from time to time. I know you can get their ice cream in the grocery, but I wasn’t aware that they were adding franchises.

    It doesn’t sound like you’re actually looking to get into this business, which is probably good. I have to imagine that a seasonal business like this is a tough way to make a good living.

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    Chris- do you consider developing a franchise a real estate investment or starting a business?

    Does it make a difference?

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    Chris Pflum

    If you’re building out the structure, then there’s definitely overlap with real estate. Besides, building out a real estate portfolio that you’re actively managing is a business.

    I wouldn’t recommend a beginning Investor jump into a franchise opportunity, but someone more experienced might consider it to diversify their portfolio.

    Just a note on franchises, there’s good ones and a lot of bad ones. I know many people who buy a franchise and never make a decent return from it.

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    I see what you mean. Personally, I keep investing real estate and starting a business as completely separate activities.

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