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It would all depend on what you are comfortable with. If you are comfortable allowing pets then that will open up a larger pool of potential renters. It will also open up the possibility of damage being done to the rental as well as more required cleaning between tenants. But again it’s more of a prefernece. Definitely check with your insurer and see what pets will be covered because some don’t allow certain breeds. There is a great article on that goes over a list of what you need to do if you do allow pets, such as making up a pet agreement for all tenants (in case other decide to get a pet in the future) to let them know what kind of pets they can get, weight limits etc. Also making sure they know that it’s only their pet and not to he caring for others pets or fostering animals. It also talks about imposing a pet fee and does and don’ts. It says some states it may be illegal to charge over certain amounts, if you do require one make it reasonable, or it may be a good idea to just make it an overall fee instead of a pet fee. Might be useful to take a look at it.