Have you inspected all the areas of your business, including the commercial garages and garage doors? Are they in tip-top shape, or are they in need of a little sprucing up? A residential garage door is different from a commercial one in several aspects. A commercial door is in active use throughout the day and most days of the week. Some commercial garage doors operate 24/7. Here’s what matters when it comes to installing a such a door.


Most people would never buy garage doors were it not for the security factor. Cases of car vandalism within commercial premises can give management headaches. A quality garage door for your business premise can help. The management will not have problems with missing or vandalized vehicles. Anyone who is parking the car there can rest assured that his or her car is intact. Hathazi Commercial Garage Doors says that proper “security options include rolling fire doors, shutter doors, steel and aluminum sectionals, ribbed steel doors and rolling steel doors.” If you are thinking of garage door, look out for a secure door.


The commercial door is in regular use. You do not want a material that is prone to breakages. Many different materials can make a garage door, but not all are suitable for commercial doors. Some of the most common ones are wood, steel, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum.

Wood gives you aesthetics, but upon continuous usage, it is prone to breakages. It might malfunction after a short while. It requires regular maintenance, too, which can be costly. Vinyl and fiberglass are relatively new garage door materials. They work fine, but during frigid weather, they can crack. Steel is robust, but it is prone to rust. Aluminum is not as sturdy as iron, but it resists rust.

Design and safety

Commercial garage doors come in different designs, which also mean varying safety standards. Any commercial door must have all safety protocols in place to avoid the risk of damage or injury. You have to compare many options to determine which one has the most appropriate design.


The most significant determinant of price is material, followed by design. If you opt for aluminum doors with adequate and reliable models, expect the cost to be higher than those of vinyl or fiberglass do. Reliability and efficiency of the additional services such as sensors can also add to the price of the door. When it comes to price, look out for value for money where durability and functionality should take precedence over anything else.


On the overall, look out for a secure garage door that has all the functionalities that you seek. If you want a powered garage for your commercial rental, ensure that it meets all the safety standards.