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Focusing on curb appeal is essential if you want to sell your home quickly and for a fair price. Prospective buyers initially focus on curb appeal to decide whether they want to learn more about the home and take a tour.

When the house appears to be poorly maintained, lacks style or has other pressing issues, buyers may move on and to decide to look at other houses. You can see that dressing up your home’s curb appeal is essential, and these steps can help you to create a desirable look that buyers will love.

Dress Up the Landscaping

While some homes have pristine landscaping, many other homes have challenges in this area that may need to be tackled before the house is listed for sale. Consider whether an investment in hardscape features would be beneficial. Otherwise, fertilizing and trimming the lawn may help.

You can also buy grass plugs, mulch the flower beds, plant fresh flowers and trim the trees. You can also add potted plants for extra pizzazz.

Paint the Exterior

If your home’s paint is peeling or fading, repainting the exterior may be a critical step to take. Few things can impact curb appeal more substantially than a house with a bad paint job.

On the other hand, if your home’s paint merely is covered in a layer of dirt, power washing the exterior can make it look like new again.

Replace the Front Door


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Take a closer look at your front door and its impact on curb appeal. Does it have an outdated style? Is it in poor condition?

The front door should project an inviting vibe, and it also should make a positive statement about the style and state of the home’s interior. If time and funds allow, you may also want to extend your efforts to include the garage door. Garage doors are a dominant exterior feature and should also be stylish and well-maintained.

Dressing up curb appeal can be a significant project in some cases, but it does not have to be. Each home has specific curb appeal challenges, so it is essential to review your home’s condition and to determine what your starting point should be to improve curb appeal.

Remember that you do not need to tackle all projects, but you should make your home’s exterior look as reasonably appealing as possible for the best results when it is listed for sale. For more tips on home purchasing, selling, and investing, check out our other articles.