Candace Pflum

Candace works full time in the advertising industry, and lives in the Tampa, Fl area with her husband and son. She has many years of real estate investing experience in partnership with her husband.

Some of Candace’s past projects include buys and hold residential rental property, major remodels, and classic home restoration. When asked about her most memorable real estate experience, she shares a deal her husband and her worked on in the Dayton, OH area.  They purchased a mixed use property, consisting of a six unit commercial with residential above, a standalone commercial property, and a single family home.  They initially acquired the property with seller financing, but when the timing was right, they completed the purchase and performed a top to bottom rehab of the property.  Following this, the property consistenty had 100% occupancy after many years at less than 75%. Her only complaint about the property is that it was a little higher maintenance than some of the other properties they have been involved in.

Candace also has a least favorite of her real estate deals.  This winner is a duplex they own in the Columbus, OH area.  The property is located in a declining area, and for a period had a persistant issue with bedbugs.  They still own the property, but have sold half of their ownership to a partner.

She’s not much of a hands-on person when it comes to real estate, but good at finding properties with untapped value. She’s interested in building up a portfolio of rentals on her own to meet some financial goals. She’s agreed to share her experiences here with the Real Estate Investor Community.

In her free time, Candace enjoys running, boating, or catching up on her favorite series of the moment on Netflix. You can also find her on her personal website.