We always stress the importance of research, especially for beginner real estate investors. Here, we’ve made it easy for you by suggesting some of our favorite REI books in several different categories.

We’ve even included the Amazon links to make it easy for you to purchase!

Whether you’re looking into multifamily units, flips, house-hacking, or just REI in general, here are some great books to help you get started.

To Learn More About Small Multifamily Units

Investing in Duplexes, Triplexes, and Quads: The Fastest and Safest Way to Real Estate Wealth by Larry Loftis

If you want to get into smaller multifamily units, this one’s for you. Small multifamilies are a different ball game than single-family houses, commercial buildings, and apartment buildings, which are the types of properties that many books focus on.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a duplex, triplex, or quad—or if you already have one or more—you should add this book to your bookshelf! Loftis is experienced and successful, and he clearly explains how you can invest in small multifamilies for profit.

To Find Out How to Flip Successfully

The Book on Flipping Houses by J Scott

If the title of this book sounds familiar, it’s because it was written by the author of the popular real estate blog 123Flip.com. J Scott is a full-time house flipper who has been professionally rehabbing and reselling single-family homes for 10 years— with wild success.

There’s a wealth of inside knowledge from someone who has experienced just about every type of flip imaginable. It will teach you step-by-step how to buy, rehab, and sell a property, so it’s perfect for first-timers.

To Learn How to House Hack

House Hacking: The Only Real Estate Investing Strategy You Need to Build Wealth, Live for Free (or almost free), and Make Money Through Homeownership by Ben Leybovich

House hacking is a relatively recent method of part-time investing that has gained a lot of popularity. In this book, you can learn how to pay off your own mortgage and eventually make money with house hacking.

Like most real estate investing books, this one includes the author’s own success story and outlines everything you can learn from it. It’s a clear and concise guide that will teach you just about everything you need to know about making money with house hacking.

To Discover More About REI in General

The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing by Martin Stone

This comprehensive guide offers general advice that will help you out no matter what category of real estate investing you hope to get into. It helps to provide a secure knowledge base for beginners who are just starting their real estate careers, but it has so much useful advice that it’s even great for experienced investors.

It’s literally packed with helpful tips, and it even has checklists and charts.

Since this book was published in 1999, you might find that some sections are outdated. However, most of the information still holds true.

What books have made a difference in your real estate journey? Tell us about it in the comments.