Image courtesy of Golden Gate Garage Storage

Today property owners often search for ways to increase the value of their real estate cost-effectively. One of the smartest home improvement strategies involves adding improvements to help decrease liability. Help make accidents less likely by undertaking these three simple projects:

Install Window Well Covers

If your home provides basement windows, it must supply window wells. These structures offer assistance in helping residents escape from the premises during fires. However, they also pose a safety threat, particularly to young children and pets. Every year, serious injuries occur because unwary individuals walking in the yard fall into window wells. You can prevent these tragic accidents effectively today. Many companies offer attractive, fire-code safe window well covers. Consider installing these products to help make your grounds safer.

Make Flooring Safer

Many companies offer coatings designed to help reduce the slippery qualities of cement flooring and walkways. These coatings also frequently offer waterproofing benefits, and they help protect concrete against weathering. By adding one (or more) useful coatings to slippery floors on the premises, you may help prevent some unwelcome accidents. No one can completely insulate a property against every hazard posed by falls, of course, yet you can take constructive actions to help minimize obvious dangers.

Fence Your Backyard Pool

Do you maintain a backyard pool or an above-ground wading pool or spa? If you anticipate leaving water standing in these structures during part of the year, it makes sense to enclose the area with a secure chain link or metal fence. You may prevent wandering neighborhood youngsters from trespassing onto the property and using the pool without adequate supervision. That type of incident holds grave dangers for children. It could also subject you to significant liability as a property owner. Consider fencing outdoor swimming and wading areas with a securely locked fence.

Preventing Accidents Offers Benefits

Make sure you let your insurance agent know about the safety measures you implement to enhance your property. In some cases, you might even enjoy some attractive home insurance discounts! Securing open window wells with approved covers, using protective coatings to reduce slips and falls, and fencing outdoor pools will help make the premises safer. Taking these steps also bring greater peace of mind, because you’ll know you’ve taken action to prevent potentially life-threatening injuries in (and around) your home.